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The magnitude of the numbers in the list does not indicate, by themselves, the strength or weakness of a particular currency. Consider, forex conversion rate hdfc example, the U.

Then all easy forex numbers in the table would be multiplied by one hundred, but it does not mean all the world's currencies just got weaker. However, it is useful to look at the variation over time of a particular exchange rate.

If the number consistently increases through time, then it is a strong indication that the economy of the country or countries using that currency are in a less robust state than md of the Bureaj States see e. The exchange rates of economies, such as those of Japan or Hong Kongagainst the dollar tend to fluctuate up and down, representing much shorter-term relative economic strengths, rather than move consistently in a particular direction.

The data are taken forex bureau near me varying times of the year or maybe the average for the whole year. Some of the data for the years refers to the rate on, or close read more, January forex bureau near me of that year. Some burrau forex bureau near me data for refers to rates on May 28 for countries beginning with A-E, and June 2 for countries listed F-Z.

Exchange rates can vary considerably even within a year and so current rates may differ markedly from those bureeau here. Caveat lector.

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You can calculate all those manually or in Excel. Suppose you are a beginner trade, will you calculate the parameters manually, and forex bureau near me soon will you get confused with the numbers.

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