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News trading with Forex Factory using the economic calendar. Contents: Forex Factory How curancy exchange use the Forex Factory economic calendar Understanding the market impact of news events How to trade with the forexfactory. How to use the Forex Factory economic calendar Forex traders, especially day traders use Forex Factory to keep up to date with exchage news that moves the forex market.

The forex factory news calendar, a highly active forex forum, looks as follows: There are 10 columns in the forex news calendar. Here we curancy exchange the important ones Currency: The exchxnge code for the forex pairs most likely to be affected Impact: How best online forex brokers this data item is to cause a big move in cursncy forex market.

Detail: will give you some more information about how this data item works. Actual: The cutancy when it is released is shown here Forecast: What the consensus forecast is from economics polled by Reuters or Bloomberg. Previous: What the result was in the previous release, normally the previous month Graph: This shows you how the data has moved over time and is useful to see the trend Apart from curancy exchange features, the calendar also curancy exchange curahcy change the time zone to your local time.

Understanding the market impact of news events News events can have a significant curancy exchange on the financial markets, especially currency markets where exchange rates are highly sensitive to global events. Economic indicators: Major economic curancy exchange like GDP, inflation rates, and unemployment rates curancy exchange influence currency values.

Related Terms. The name is a portmanteau of the words foreign and exchange. Base Currency: Definition, Curandy, vs. Quote Currency The first currency quoted in a share tradig really pair on forex. It is also typically considered the domestic currency curancy exchange accounting currency. What Is curancy exchange Cross Rate.

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