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Please review our updated Terms of Service. Gerald Segal 11 Trqded September 2, Yesterday we learned that, click the following article prior notice most traded currency discussion, a provincial securities regulator in Canada most traded currency the commodities regulator tdaded the United States issued orders preventing us from trading securities or accessing funds in our bank accounts.

Until these freeze most traded currency are lifted or modified, our business is effectively, and at least temporarily, frozen as well. We will be reaching out to the regulators to discuss their concerns, and the first court date to determine whether the freeze orders should be lifted forex modified is currently scheduled for September 11 in the US, with another hearing later that same week in Canada.

We hope to have this matter resolved as soon as possible and will update this message as events occur. In the meantime, U. The complaint charges them with most traded currency soliciting customers to trade leveraged, margined, or financed retail foreign exchange retail forexand leveraged retail commodity transactions.

On August 29, U. District Court Judge Robert B. Quraishi in Trenton, N.

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